You will become a regular visitor to this typical, middle-altitude mountain village where you meet people at all times of the year.

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You will gradually get to know them. One day you will invite your friends to Vissoie to show them the details on a house that belongs to another age, or to point out a garden, a pathway or the different aspects of religious art in the Anniviers Valley such as the church or the crypt of the Château Chapel.


Thanks to its central location Vissoie is the ideal starting point for a variety of hikes in Val d’Anniviers with a total of over 600 kilometers of hiking paths.


  • 13th century medieval village – a walk through Vissoie illuminates the history of the village. Sights worth seeing include the church "Ste-Euphémie", the chapel “Notre Dame de Compassion”, the dialect museum and other historic places.
  • Culinary Traditions – the traditional dry meat from the butchers "de la Vallée" (of the valley) and “Salaisons d’Anniviers” (cured meats of d’Anniviers) as well as the best Alpine and goat cheese from the cheese dairy d’Anniviers are a true culinary delight.
  • Top Events

    • Craft market – various stands, a musical atmosphere and children’s entertainment throughout the day (July).

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