Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein

Triesenberg: Weite - Balzers - Gonzen - Sargans - Pizol

Triesenberg: Weite - Balzers - Gonzen - Sargans - Pizol

Wonderful Liechtenstein - the tiny principality between Switzerland and Austria has developed into a preferred holiday destination - in particular for families. At a healthy 1600 meters above sea level, especially the area around Malbun has proven itself as ideal natural paradise both in summer and winter. In other words, the place to be to feel totally relaxed as you actively enjoy!

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In July and August children from all over the world play and tinker around in the «Malbuner Rascals» - lovingly looked after for by professional carers; thus providing the opportunity for parents to enjoy mountain biking, tennis or even archery. Teens can get their fill of fun by sidetracking to the Weiherring facility in Mauren for a shot at beach volleyball or a go in the halfpipe - and a good healthy hike is never far away. For those with an eye beyond the Malbun mountain world, the mysterious ruins of the castle Schellenberg invite you to exploration on a trip to the lowlands; a destination that motivates even the youngest to join in the march.

A variety of family hotels around Malbun offer affordable packages. Further information is available from Liechtenstein Tourism.

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