At 850 m above sea level on the young Rhine, Graubünden’s Trun village charms and enchants with magnificent mountains and cultural attractions.

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Historic buildings shape this village, as well as the fact that many contemporary artists come from Trun: Alois Carigiet, Matias Spescha, Gieri Schmed, Gioni and Luis Defuns. The Cuort Ligia Grisha museum in Trun is home to some real cultural treasures as well as a permanent exhibition by the artist Alois Carigiet. And on exploring the village on a walk, you’re sure to see and admire numerous murals by the artist and children's book illustrator Alois Carigiet.


Numerous hikes on marked trails lead to lookouts and sights of interest, with picnic areas along the way inviting you to take a break and bite to eat. Mountain bikers discover tours of varying levels of difficulty, and the Tödi, Cavistrau and Pez Nadels peeks fascinate mountaineers and alpinists alike. Sculptures, statues and figurines of wood, iron, bronze, aluminum and stone further delight the eye on the 1.5-kilometer art trail on the Anterior Rhine in Trun, not only the works of local artists, instead artists from other parts of Switzerland and beyond.


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