Chasseral Regional Park


From Mont Blanc through to the Säntis: The Chasseral offers up a panorama of superlatives and is entirely a nature reserve – right down to its foothills – for all those who enjoy nature par excellence.

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‘Tête de Moine’, ‘Camille Bloch’, ‘Chasselas’ and ‘Treberwurst’: Chasseral is one of the highest points in the Swiss Jura, it is, in a manner of speaking, the summit of enjoyment. This is the world of cheese dairies, chocolate and – on the shores of Lake Biel – naturally also wine. Those wishing to delve into its secrets should walk along the vine-growing trail.

Those wanting to venture up higher should set out on the ridge walk which will take them to the Chasseral landmark that is visible in the distance: the telecommunication tower, a symbol for the close ties that exist here between technology and tradition, man and nature.

Forming part of the landscape here for many years, it isn’t only the wind and solar power stations that bear testament to the large amount of energy available in the Chasseral Regional Park, but also the innovative ideas of the people that live here. A discovery indeed!


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