Pfyn Forest - Nature Reserve on the Language Border


Once feared because of the robbers and highwaymen that lived in it, today Pfyn Forest is a part of the nature park and one of Europe's last large pine forests. The forest is located between Leuk and Siders, and is home to innumerable animal and plant species.

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Technical information

Starting point:
Susten at Leuk
Getting to the starting point:by train / bus via Leuk, or by car
Getting to the destination:3 hours
Technique:medium difficulty
Physical fitness:easy
Gradient:120 m
Hiking time:3 hours
Season:April - November
Accommodation:Leuk, Sierre


Pfyn forest, which is located centrally in Valais, is a ten square kilometer nature reserve of national importance. The river Rhône, which for the most part flows freely, flows through the forest. Pfyn Forest forms the German-French language border and is well-known throughout Europe for its exceptional species diversity. The landscape, which is shaped by debris flows, forest fires, Rhône floods and land slides, and the warm and dry climate of Central Valais are responsible for the species diversity of Pfyn forest.

The nature park center with information booth, one exhibitions and a specialized library are located in the 300-year-old administrative center of the Knights of St. John in Salgesch.

Susten/Leuk – Pfyn memorial – Pfafforetsee – L’Ermitage – Rosensee – Sierre

This walk starts at the Leuk/Susten station and first takes you to the Phyn memorial. Continue on to Pfafforetsee and then to the Ermitage. Reach, via Rosensee, the main road back to Sierre and then catch the bus to Sierre.

Tour Overview

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The careful planning of a tour will ensure that you also derive the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it. Please take the time to contact the local information centre and enquire about route and weather conditions before setting off. Your intended trail may be fully or partially closed, depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

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