Hohtenn - Brig: hiking classics on Lötschberg mountain


Brigerbad › West: Thermalbad Brigerbad

Brigerbad › West: Thermalbad Brigerbad

The Hohtenn to Brig hike ranks amongst the absolute classics. The spectacular engineering structures of the Lötschberg south ramp turn this hike into an architectural highlight and a must for railway buffs. Vista-rich side detours to deep gorges.

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Technical information

Starting point: Hohtenn
Destination: Brig
Accessibility, starting point: Trains to Hohtenn
Accessibility, destination: Trains from Brig
Difficulty: medium difficulty
Physical fitness: challenging
Altitude gain: approx. 350 m climb and 600 m descent
Walking time: 10 hrs. 45 min.
Season: April to November
Catering: In the villages along the route
Accommodation: Ausserberg, Eggerberg, Lalden, Naters, Brig
Various: Civil engineering structures of the Lötschberg Railway
Tour literature: www.karten-shop.ch


The ridge path along the southern Lötschberg ramp from Hohtenn to Brig is one of Switzerland's best-known panorama routes and a classic for train fans, nature lovers and panorama addicts. The path, which leads partially along the train tracks, and at times facilitates detours (along daring or risky meltwater conduit paths) to wild, romantic side valleys, is rich in various landscape impressions and in stunning views. The southern Alpine range of the Valais rises above the valley floor, crowned by the Mischabel Group. The extremely rare flora on the southern flank of the Lötschberg, which has a climate that is nearly as dry and hot as the steppe, is fascinating. You will also be inspired by the wild natural world of the Joli Valley, the Bietsch Valley and the Baltschieder Valley. The valleys are home to bizarre rock formations, described on the rock studies trail between Hohtenn and Ausserberg. Additional highlights include the herb trail between Ausserberg and Eggerberg, the meltwater conduits and ofcourse the architecturally audacious buildings of the Lötschberg train route.
Thanks to the tenacity and expertise of the Valaisian farmers, this magnificent natural landscape was enriched by great cultural accomplishments. Since the 14th century water has been piped from the glaciers to the fields via open water aqueducts or meltwater conduits, called "Suonen". From Ausserberg and Eggerberg on the Lötschberg northern ramp, hiking trails follow the "Suonen" or meltwater conduits to Baltschieder Valley, partially across meadows, partly through tunnels in the rock, partly via very exposed bridges or catwalks along vertical rock faces. Here sureness of foot, freedom from vertigo and freedom from fear of heights are a must! Since there are several railway stations along the mountain trail, each hiking tour can be shortened at any time.

Tour Overview

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The careful planning of a tour will ensure that you also derive the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it. Please take the time to contact the local information centre and enquire about route and weather conditions before setting off. Your intended trail may be fully or partially closed, depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

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