Walser House Bosco Gurin

Bosco Gurin





In the museum in the Walser village of Bosco Gurin, visitors can gather interesting information on the culture of the Walser people.

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As early as 1936, the inhabitants of Bosco Gurin realized that in the future tourism would be the only way to stop the rural exodus. The association “Walser House Gurin” was founded to preserve the history and culture of Bosco Gurin, and of the Walser settlements in neighboring Italy, and to set up a small museum to this end. Since the opening of the museum in 1938, the number of exhibits has steadily increased. In 2006 the exhibition was redesigned. In addition to the house with the living quarters, the exhibiton now also includes a barn and a garden.

The Walser House is primarily a museum to chronicle the German vernacular of the Walsers, the vanishing language of Gurin. The language is explained and played for visitors to hear. Visitors learn interesting aspects of the local architecture and can admire original furniture and appliances.


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