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Wiriehorn im Diemtigtal, Webcam 2 auf Nüegg

Wiriehorn im Diemtigtal, Webcam 2 auf Nüegg

Wiriehorn im Diemtigtal, Webcam 1 auf Nüegg

Wiriehorn im Diemtigtal, Webcam 1 auf Nüegg

There are many valley hiking trails but the Diemtig Valley Hiking Trail from Oey to Schwenden is unique and, according to a Bernese hiking guide, deserves the highest accolades.

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Technical information

Begin of tour:Oey-Diemtigen
Point of arrival:Grimmialp
Access starting point:train
Access point of arrival:postbus
Physical fitness:medium
Hiking time:4h
Length:17.2 km
Season:May to October


The pleasant cool air of the forest at the peak of summer alternates with flower-bedecked meadows along the trail periphery as it passes alongside wild rivulets. The hiking trail, which was developed in several stages between 1975 and 1989, follows the Filderich and Chirel valley streams. These brooks are crossed on eleven bridges. Six bridges are newly built, two of which are covered wooden bridges. Information displays along the trail tell of various legends and historical events. The trail is approx. 14 kilometres long, just under one km of the entire trail is asphalted. The hike can be shortened as desired. Every 20 to 40 minutes you will pass one of the eleven Postbus stops for Postbus line 320.15; six guesthouses are dotted along the route. Total walking time is approx. 4 hours.

Tour Overview

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The careful planning of a tour will ensure that you also derive the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it. Please take the time to contact the local information centre and enquire about route and weather conditions before setting off. Your intended trail may be fully or partially closed, depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

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