Dailley Gorge: Unspoilt Natural Jewel

Martigny - Salvan

As visitors enter the Valais, they are greeted by impressive mountain cliffs and a waterfall that is, unfortunately, smaller than it used to be.

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Goethe was quite enraptured by the sight of this waterfall, named the "Pissevache". Its source, the river Salanfe, has been diverted in order to provide electricity for thousands of homes. Nevertheless, the upper reaches of this river are still very beautiful. There is a hiking trail that begins in the former resort of Salvan, passing through larch forests and entering the Dailley Gorge near Van d'en Bas. The trail leading through the gorge was completely renovated in 1995. It is a good job that the trail is so sturdy: the gangways, galleries and stairs lead across some vertigo-inducing heights. The view is absolutely breathtaking: the Salanfe crashes through the narrow gorge and you can glimpse the distant snow-clad peaks on the horizon towering high above the Rhone Valley: a real treat for incurable romantics!
This trail should only be used in dry weather.

How to get there:
Drive or take public transport from Lausanne to Salvan via Martigny.

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