Gorge of Massa Belalp/Blatten

Belalp / Blatten

Belalp: hohbiel

Belalp: hohbiel

Belalp › Süd: Simplon Pass

Belalp › Süd: Simplon Pass

Belalp › Süd-Ost: Tschuggen

Belalp › Süd-Ost: Tschuggen

The ice and later on the the melt water have created a fantastic landscape of rocks - the Massa Gorge.

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The site of unforgettable canyoning is the authentic Valaisian village of Blatten at the Aletsch Glacier.The entrance to the gorges is situated at the foot of the 120-foot Gebidem Dam, which was build by the Electra Massa Corporation in the 1960s in order to utilized the natural energy generated by the water. Equipped with a Neoprene suit, helmet and climbing belt one climbs over rocks which were left behind by the Aletsch Glacier in the last Ice Age about 11,000 years ago. Highlights: the 8-meter jump into a beautiful waterbasin and the 30-meter descent on a rope into the "Cathedral" .


Canyon: Massaschlucht
Where: Blatten, close to Brig
Activities: Canyoning, Sightseeing
Levels of difficulty: ++

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