Sensegraben and Grasburg


Schwarzenburg BE: Schwarzenburg, Fuhrencam

Schwarzenburg BE: Schwarzenburg, Fuhrencam

An exciting hiking tour via the old Sense crossing near the ruin of Grasburg Castle, the largest castle ruin in the Canton of Bern. The tour also takes you to the wonderful vantage points in the Albligen Hills, west of the deeply cut Sensegraben.

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From Schwarzenburg the hike takes you westward to the main road, then along the village brook to the market square. Now the narrow road to the left leads via a wide hill past the farmsteads of Wart. If you glance back, you will have a fantastic view of the Alps, the Stockhorn-Gantrisch Chain and the Schwarzsee Region. In front of your eyes, the Jura Chain extends from Vaud to Weissenstein.

From the rim of the plateau a trail, hewn from sandstone over long distances, leads steeply down into the deeply cut, canyon-like Sensegraben and to the former imperial fortress of Grasburg. Please use caution while climbing because the vertical sandstone rocks descend almost 70 meters into the depth. All around the castle rock, there is a deep descent to the Sense River, which is traversed via the Harris Bridge (Harrissteg).

An almost innumerable number of steps lead up to Harris. The trail takes you through the Salzmatt basin to the parrish village of Albligen. The hiking tour then continues sometimes on the territory of Freiburg, sometimes on the soil of Bern to the Höchi where you will be rewarded with a spectular panoramic vista. Via Obermettlen, Hermisbüel and Riederen you will reach the Sensebrüggli, a little bridge, which lets you cross over to the Bernese village of Thörishaus.

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