Sanetsch – between Bern and Valais

Those arriving from the Rhone Valley come by car or take the Postbus up to the top of the pass - and on to the Sanetschsee lake - and from Gsteig you can get to the lake by public transport with the power station’s gondola railway.

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The Sanetsch Pass region, between Wildhorn and Diablerets is source of the Saane. The pass from the Rhone Valley to Saanenland was used by both traders and troups at war during the Middle Ages, whereas today you see bikeres or hikers on the very same stretch. An easy hiking route leads around the lake, and mountain hikers certainly get their fill on a path from the Glacier 3000 and Quille du Diable via Cabanne de Prarochet to the Sanetsch Pass and gondola railway (back to Gsteig).

And be sure not to miss out on a visit to the "Auberge du Sanetsch" to meet a special person and enjoy the sweet side of life with some very tasty culinary treats.


Altitude: 2062m
Train to Zweisimmen, change of transport direction Gstaad or MOB from Montreux to Gstaad, Postbus to Gsteig; or train from Aigle to Les Diablerets and Postbus over the Pillon Pass to Gsteig; on foot to Innergsteig (25 minutes) and gondola rail to the Sanetsch Lake
In the case of crowds during peak season, tickets are issued for the valley descent at the mountain station (restaurant close by)
View: Over Gstaad and Saanenland, Sanetsch Pass and surrounding rock walls, glimpse of the de Tsanfleuron glacier (from the pass)
Attractions: Round path alongside the Sanetsch Lake, Saane source, hikes from the Glacier 300 over the Lapis (glacier foreland) to the Santesch Pass
Culinary aspects: Auberge du Sanetsch by Maurice Luyet, own Valais wines
Overnight stays: Very special romantic rooms, courtesy of your hostess and personal furnishing, as well as group accommodation
Groups: Diverse facilities, terrace with seating for up to 200 people
Winter: closed
Special comments: Own museum, own bakery, own wines, own chapel and last but not least own mountain wellness!

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