Lake Murten

Lac de Morat - Bise Noire

Lac de Morat - Bise Noire

Lake Murten (Murtensee, Lac de Morat), embedded between the small mediaeval town of Murten and the "Riviera Fribourgeoise" with its vineyard slopes gracing Mont Vully, is the smallest of the three lakes on the periphery of the Jura. Thanks to its shallow depth, lake Murten is warmed quickly by the sun and is much loved as a swimming lake from spring through to autumn. Regular boat services sail through the Broye canal from lake Murten to Lac de Neuchâtel, and further on to lake Biel.

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The small town of Murten, which is situated on a bank on the south-eastern lakeshore and attributes its founding in around 1170 to the Zähringen dynasty, has retained its historic character with picturesque old town alleyways and pleasant arcades. A beautiful lakeside promenade offering an assortment of water sports runs alongside the lakeshore. A footpath leads along the belt of reeds to the opposing lakeshore in the vineyard region of Mont Vully. Numerous wine cellars and hostelries beckon guests for wine tastings in the pristine winegrowing villages on the northern shore.

The Vully’s ridge of hills between Lac de Morat and Lac de Neuchâtel is a popular walking area and offers up a magnificent panorama of the lakes, Jura and Alps. Refreshing white wine grapes flourish on its southern slopes and the wines form the ideal complement to pike, wels catfish and perch from the lake. Those wishing to find out more about the region’s local wines can do so by embarking on the wine-themed trail.

Every April, the road around the lake is for once given over to non-motorised road users during ‘SlowUp Murtensee’. Around 30,000 cyclists, inline skaters and walkers enjoy the car-free trip around the lake. A side-trip on bike or foot into the adjoining ‘Grosse Moos’ region, the vegetable garden of Switzerland, leads to the vegetable trail with its 60 varieties of vegetable.

The boat cruise on the Murtensee (Lac de Morat) takes a good hour, while the trip through the Broye canal to Neuchâtel takes just under 2 hours. The all-day, three-lakes-tour takes its guests through the Broye canal into Lac de Neuchâtel, and then on through the Zihl canal and Lake Biel to Biel over the course of 4 hours.

Thanks to the canals that connect the Jura-periphery lakes, sailors can enlarge their yachting domain. Bathing beaches as well as campsites can be found practically right round the lake. Even the small Roman town of Avenches, situated 3 km from the lakeshore, has its own beach and campsite.

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