Seerenbach Falls and the Rin Spring


Weesen - Riviera am Walensee

Weesen - Riviera am Walensee

A forest trail leads from Betlis village to a vantage point, opening up a vista to a gigantic water spectacle. The Seerenbach thunders over the vertical cliff face on the northern shore of Lake Walen, cascading 585 m in a series of stages down to Betlis to join the waters of the Rin Spring.

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It is impressive: a waterjet spews forth from the rock 305 meters high. The water of the Rinquelle originates in a huge cave system deep in the Churfirsten. Divers have been investigating it since the beginning of the 20th century. It is evident that there is a 3-km-long canal that leads somewhere deep into the bowels of the mountain. What happens then, however, is still a mystery.

How to get there:
Drive or take public transportation from Zürich via Ziegelbrücke near Betlis on Lake Walen (boat from Weesen)

Hiking, cycling and mountain biking

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