Fairies' Grotto and the Waterfall

St-Maurice - Chablais

Fairies' Grotto, St-Maurice

Fairies' Grotto, St-Maurice

The Fairies' Grotto is to the north of St. Maurice.

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The site has been a tourist attraction since its discovery in 1863. The grotto was carved into the stone by the water and houses several features: first of all there is the Fairies' Fountain, where legend has it that anyone who dips their left hand into the fountain will be granted a wish. After 63 twists and turns in the passage, there is a crashing 50 metre-high subterranean waterfall, whose thundering can be heard from afar.

Opening hours:
Open daily from mid-March to mid-November.

How to get there:
Drive or use public transport to reach St. Maurice.

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