High Alpine Hike in the Saas Valley, Following Ancient Walser Trails

Saas Grund

The Walser, one of the original peoples inhabiting the Valais, emigrated to the East and to the South along very specific routes. One such trail leads right to the village of Gspon. It followed the valley till Saas-Grund. Here it went across the Monte Moro-Pass and wound up in Italy.

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This path was later used for commercial purposes linking Visp to Macugnaga and Domodossola, Italy. Today this historical route has become a lovely hiking trail. There is a segment that can rightfully be termed panoramic with spectacular views onto the other side of the valley. Here one can see the Mt. Bietschhorn and the 4000-meter-high mountains ringing Saas-Fee: Mischabel, Alphubel, Allalinhorn,Strahlhorn. The easy, 4.5-hour-long hike is one of the best ways to enter Saas Fee.
How to get there:
Drive or take public transportation to Stalden via Visp, to Gspon by aerial cable-car.


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