Zurich Zoo - Help for Endangered Species


About 4000 animals as ambassadors for their conspecifics in the wild. A nature conservancy center with involvement in international breeding programs and resettlement projects. Animal worlds that one can immerse oneself in. This is what Zurich Zoo is about.

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The Zoo, situated on Zurich Mountain, houses 340 animal species in habitats designed to be natural. Ranging from the Himalayan mountains to South American grasslands to Masoala rain forest, eco-systems have been created here, in which the animals, which include endangered species, can roam free and widely. A petting zoo also enables close contact between people and native livestock as well as domesticated animals.

In the middle of the 20th century, under the management of zoo director Heini Hediger, who invented information panels and mixed keeping of animals, the zoo became one of the first scientifically run zoological gardens. To this day, Zurich Zoo continues to be actively involved in nature conservancy and in international breeding programs.

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