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Braunwald GL: Tödi

Braunwald GL: Tödi



Braunwald GL

Braunwald GL

Braunwald is a family-friendly summer and winter holiday resort on a sunny terrace in the Glarus hinterland. The panoramic view to the south is dominated by the glaciated peak of the Tödi.

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Braunwald holiday attractions include delightful themed trails, climbing, rose gardens and a family skiing area. The holiday resort can be reached by funicular railway from the valley town of Linthal.

The ascent to the Klausen Pass, which links the Glarus with central Switzerland, begins in the valley town of Linthal. After the first couple of sharp bends, the road reaches a broad plain, the Urnerboden. Although the Pass is still a long way up, you are already on the biggest Alp in Switzerland and on the soil of the central Swiss canton of Uri amidst 1200 grazing cows. According to legend, the people of Urn took the alp from the Glarus folk by trickery. A mountain path with a splendid view of the Tödi and Clariden mountains links the high plateau of Braunwald with the Urnerboden.


Mountain bikers will find plenty of challenging routes in Braunwald: the half-day tour from Braunwald up to the local gaol gives a good impression of the character of the terrain. For climbers, too, the Braunwald climbing terrain is a hot favourite with 40 different climbing routes and paths; and, for anglers, you can be sure of a good catch in the Oberblegisee, which is absolutely teeming with fish.


  • Alpine rose gardens – Braunwald boasts the highest alpine rose gardens (up to 1900 m) with 500 different kinds of roses.
  • Via Ferrata – the climbing routes from Braunwald across four peaks are reputed to be the most attractive climbing paths in the eastern Alps.
  • Zwerg Bartli Adventure Trail – walks to sites featured in the ‘Zwerg Bartli’ story. Play worlds for our little guests in the dwarf caves, the jewel mine and dwarf’s castle.
  • Llamas and alpacas at a fairytale hotel – in summer, the hotel organises public llama and alpaca treks; children can lead the animals themselves.
  • Freulerpalast Näfels – Freuler Palace has housed the Glarus Regional Museum since 1946. The museum boasts numerous fascinating exhibitions and interesting museums.

Top Events

  • Horn toboggan racing – different categories of toboggan (‘Flitzer’, ‘Buurä’ and ‘Sujet’) compete against one another. Excitement, fun and a party atmosphere guaranteed (February).
  • Rivella Family Contest – a fun, relaxing ski day for the whole family. Three to five family members start together (March).
  • Braunwald music weeks – this music festival for young artistes has been held since 1935, with a different theme each year. Although the emphasis is on classical music, modern compositions are also performed (July).
  • International Mountain Race – memorial revival of the earlier classic car mountain race. Between 1922 and 1934 drivers competed here for the ‘Great Mountain Prize of Switzerland’ (every two years in September).

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