Hanging on a Rope Above the Gorge Alpine, Saas Fee

Saas Fee

An inaccessible steep gorge dug out by the Feevispa River in the ancient site of a rock avalanche between Saas Fee and Saas Grund.

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For centuries humans only dared to throw awe-struck glances into the depth of Gorge Alpine. Today they swing with delight from wall to wall, stone to stone and promontory to promontory. With ropes, swaying rope bridges and in an airy ride on a chairlift, they cross the gorge dry-footed. If you start out with butterflies in your stomach and trembling knees, you will at the latest scream with delight at the first Tyrolienne ride, delighted because you conquered your own fear, the graviational pull and the force of nature.

No previous experience necessary but the lack of vertigo is an absolute precondition, as is good physical condition. Only possible in escorted groups. Possible throughout the year. Even during inclement weather.

How to get there:
Drive or take public transportation from Brig/Visp then on to Saas Fee.


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