Thurgau, the cyclist's holiday paradise on Lake Constance

This region characterised by snug farming villages, the occasional little castle, peaceful woods, numerous orchards and vineyards and Lake Constance has a very natural feel and seems to be waiting to be explored. Several villages and towns with historic buildings provide visitors with an opportunity to gain insights into the area's past.

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To the south of Lake Constance, nestling between the lake and the foothills of the Swiss Alps, there is a charming green landscape with many rivers running through it - the canton of Thurgau. Thurgau - the waterside canton with Lake Constance, Untersee and the Rhine, the canton of fruit and wine, manor houses and castles. Thurgau - the canton for active people who want to spend their holidays surrounded by unspoilt countryside remote from popular tourist destinations and enjoy boat rides, cycling trips, walking, hiking, swimming, sailing, relaxing and recharging - in Thurgau, the "Cyclist's holiday paradise on Lake Constance", of course.

Thurgau offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Nature experiences for the entire family - exploring the region by bicycle, on inline skates or foot. An extensive, well-maintained network of cycling and walking paths provide the basis for active day trips or holidays. Request your free copy of the attractive "Thurgau Cycling Experience" (Velo-Erlebnis im Thurgau) brochure now.
  • A wide choice of accommodation ranging from first-class hotels to farmhouse holidays, "Sleeping on Straw" and camping sites is available. Request your copy of our brochure containing attractive packages now.
  • Thurgau has a lot to offer on a culinary level - sophisticated inns and numerous garden restaurants on the waterside of Lake Constance and the Rhine are a treat for discriminating guests.
  • There are several castles and manor houses well worth visiting in the Thurgau. Visits to the Carthusian monastery in Ittingen, the Arenenberg Napoleon Museum or one of the many other museums are also very rewarding. Or how about a visit to Conny Land, the family leisure park on Lake Constance?
  • Discover Thurgau by boat, bus and train. An extensive public transport network is in operation. Treat yourself to the benefits of the Lake Constance day pass or the Lake Constance Experience Card.

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