Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein

Wil SG: Wil

Wil SG: Wil

Wil: Culture Live, Great Shopping, Successful Meetings.

The city of Wil, founded in 1200 by the Count of Toggenburg, today is the economic hub of the region Toggenburg/ Fürstenland.

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The centre of Wil is considered one of the best preserved old towns of Eastern Switzerland: picturesque timbered houses, romantic arcades, and medieval alleys make up this charming town. During 500 years, the local prince bishops lived in the renowned "Hof zu Wil" (court of Wil). Right next to the quiet old town is a pedestrian zone, a stretch of attractive stores.

The diverse cultural attractions and renowned gastronomy make Wil the cultural centre for the region. But the town is also an excellent jump-off point for day excursions: the Alps, Lake Constance, St. Gall or Zürich all are a mere half hour away by train or by car.

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