Val Lumnezia


Val Lumnezia, Surselva’s largest side valley, which stretches from Ilanz towards the south, is a sunny alpine valley with a stunning panorama. It is regarded as a small but beautiful natural vacation destination.

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The sun-blessed Val Lumnezia, also known as the "Valley of Light", consists of the villages of Cumbel, Morissen, Vella, Degen, Vattiz, Vignogn, Lumbrein and Vrin. Whether it's sport, relaxation or culture, the varied natural and cultural landscape, adorned with cozy mountain huts and numerous churches and chapels, offers fascinating experiences for all ages. It’s an ideal backdrop for active recreation.


Sports enthusiasts find a plethora of offerings on the numerous hiking and biking trails as do all those who are interested in cultural sights. In Davos Munts a bathing lake invites visitors to relax and cool off. The Open Air Lumnezia, which takes place every year against the backdrop of impressive mountain scenery near Degen, is the highlight of the summer.


  • Greina – a high plateau, six kilometer long and one kilometer wide. A breath-taking natural landscape with a unique biotope.
  • Vrin – the prize-winning mountain village of Vrin lies at 1448 meters above sea level, at the back of Val Lumnezia.
  • Collection of enormous mountain crystals from Péz Regina – the unique, 1000 kg group of mountain crystals can be admired in the schoolhouse of Lumbrein.
  • Bathing lake Davos Munts – Idyllic bathing lake above Vattiz, located at 1,300 meters above sea level, appeals to children and adults alike.

Top Events

  • Bike Marathon Lumnezia in Obersaxen – Annual marathon in a majestic natural landscape (July).
  • Lumnezia Openair – the charming festival with its musical delights is a highlight of the summer (July).
  • Val Lumnezia Cinema Festival: six films are shown on six evenings, in a locale amidst the impressive mountains (August)

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