Biosphere School

UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch

The biosphere school is a modularly-structured attraction, which can be visited for between 1 and 6 days. Participants sleep on Entlebuch farms or in mattress dormitories, learn lots of interesting facts about sustainability as well as nature and the people in the biosphere reserve, and - if desired - play an active part in the work and activities on the farm.

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They undertake excursions to the various regions of the biosphere reserve and become better acquainted with the impressive and endangered habitats of the Entlebuch: from the flat and highland moors in the Sörenberg region with its rare plant species, through to the stark karst fields of the Schrattenfluh with its gnarled mountain pines. The different modules of the biosphere school may be combined as desired as part of class camps and project weeks, however they may also be booked individually.

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