Idea 4: Grandiose glaciers and rock stars


You don't have to be an intrepid glacier trekker to get close to the longest river of ice in the Alps. Nature is on a grand scale in Valais and the mighty Aletsch Glacier is the icing on the cake.

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Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch Unesco World Heritage: the epic beauty of ice

Seeing the big three of Eiger, Mönch und Jungfrau and the icy wilderness of the Aletsch Glacier up close is a soul-stirring moment. This Unesco World Heritage site is a place of epic beauty. Be sure to visit the Pro Natura Centre Aletsch at Riederalp (open from 13 June).

Binntal Landscape Park:
Valley of hidden treasures

The Binntal Landscape Park is beautiful and rich; rich in minerals and other natural treasures - from the mountain peaks to the sun-warmed timber houses that are picture-book pretty. Kids love to dig for fool's gold in the mineral pits of Lengenbach!

Obergoms villages: a taste of nostalgia

Travelling through the Goms valley can feel like time travel. With their baroque churches and chapels, these nostalgic villages are steeped in history, culture and romance. Life here moves at a gentle pace. For a peek behind the pretty facades, the Münster–Geschinen culture trail is a must.

Wandern, Velofahren und Biken

SwitzerlandMobility gets the country moving. The only one of its kind in the world, this network of marked walking, cycling and mountain biking trails makes Switzerland a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.
Our tip: Römerweg walk

Taking care of yourself and others and respecting the natural environment will ensure you get the most of your outdoor experience.More information

Sweet dreams

Fiesch Youth Hostel Perched on a sunny terrace, 1050m above sea level, Fiesch Youth Hostel affords mesmerising views and is part of the sport and holiday resort of Fiesch. It's hard to believe that this was once a military hospital, with soldiers streaming in and out of its doors. Besides accommodation and food, there are numerous activities on offer, which makes it the ideal choice for families, school groups and clubs.

Regional specialities

Raclette *

One of Valais' biggest culinary exports and unique in flavour, Valais Raclette AOC is a semi-hard, full-fat raw milk cheese. It never tastes better than when melted over potatoes and served with a local white wine.

Roggenbrot AOP*

This delicious rye bread goes perfectly with a slice of Valais Hobelkäse cheese or cured meat. Dense, round and flavoursome, this sourdough bread is rich in fibre and is still made the traditional way using a century-old recipe.

Munder Safran *

A tiny village produces a great treasure! Almost three kilos of saffron are harvested each year in the district surrounding the little mountain village of Mund. The village restaurant serves specialities like saffron bread, ice cream and parfait.

* Part of the culinary heritage of


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