By foot to Heidi’s mountain hut



The adventures of Heidi, the orphan girl, are known the world over. Not least through the eponymous film from 1952. One of the original locations is above St. Moritz and can be visited at all times.

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Heidi. We owe it to the Zürich author Johanna Spyri that the name became synonymous with a down-to-earth Swiss girl. It was 140 years ago that the parson’s daughter from Zürich wrote the adventures of the cheerful orphan girl. Today the work is one of the world’s most popular children’s books.

That Heide became so widely known is also due to the marvelous film from 1952. The legendary Heinrich Gretler as Alpöhi (Alpine grandfather) remains unforgettable. If you want to visit his cabin, travel to St. Moritz and hike from there to the Salastrains area. At the end of your hike you can sit on the small wooden bench in front of the hut. Or lower your head and glance into the dark interior of the simple wooden house.

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