Vallorbe Iron and Railway Museum


This is more than a museum: it is a lively place that never sleeps!

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Iron has been worked in this area for centuries, due to the nearby sources of ore and water needed to work the forges and the supply of wood to feed the fire. It is interesting to keep these reminders of the past and to find out about iron working through the ages.
Situated on the site of the "Grandes Forges", which was used from 1495 onwards, this museum displays a number of machines transformed by four huge paddle wheels powered by the river Orbe. The forge is the main attraction in the museum. When it is working, it is noisy and hot, providing an unusual atmosphere. Audiovisual displays, temporary exhibitions, pictures and working model trains complete the experience.


How to get there:
By car: take the semi-motorway to Vallorbe, then follow the brown signs, which will take you to the village.

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