Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein & Hilti Art Foundation


Behind the unadorned concrete façade of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein museum of art, visitors meander through spacious rooms where the light penetrating through the ceiling sets both modern and contemporary in the best of light. And since the opening of the Hilti Art Foundation right next door, one could well say that visits here are twice as enjoyable for art lovers.

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Amongst other works of art, the art museum at the heart of Vaduz features works by the realist Gustave Courbet, surrealist Marcel Duchamps and the kinetic art of Jean Tinguely. An exciting collection with modern and contemporary arts from different walks of life set in sufficient space to be best appreciated. Home to the collection of art is the unadorned concrete building by the architects Morger, Degelo and Kerez - itself an eye-catching work of art with black basalt stone and concrete façade.

Art enthusiasts are pleased to extend visits to this realm of art since the opening of the Hilti Art Foundation in 2015 - and the bright cube shaped edifice by the Basel-based architects Morger + Dettli stands right next door: inviting you to take a stroll through the history of art and past 150 years. Temporary exhibitions additionally take place in both establishments - such as those comprising masterpieces from the Liechtenstein’s royal collection.

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