Maderaner Valley: Wildly Romantic, Rugged but Gentle


Balmenegg: Golzern

Balmenegg: Golzern

Just 30 minutes away from the busy Gotthard Highway lies a rugged and quiet natural paradise. Here cowbells, rather than cars, make the most noise.

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Leave the car in Bristen and then take the aerial cable car to the sunny plateau called Golzernalp, high above the Maderaner Valley. The hamlet of Golzern, under the steep cliffs of the Grossen Windgällen, is very picturesque indeed, with its houses that huddle close to each other. The dreamy, dark lake of the same name completes the picture. Nothing disrupts this peaceful picture of the Maderaner valley, where rocky pyramids of Bristen, Oberalpstock, Hüfigletscher and Gross Düssi rise majestically into the blue sky.
Pass through gnarled woods and then enjoy the riotous colors of meadows, alive with flowers, as you walk towards Balmenegg, where in former times a palatial hotel welcomed guests. But those are days long gone by: today the hotel is closed, and the area is quiet and romantic, only interrupted by the glittering mountain crystals, which are offered by the wayside in the Maderaner Valley.

Hiking, cycling and mountain biking

How to get there:

Drive or take the train or bus from Lucerne via Amsteg to Bristen.

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