All about the Chestnut

Arosio/ Malcantone

Relish chestnuts - with all your senses - at Arosio in Malcantone.
Malcantone lies between tall panoramic peaks such as Monte Lema and two inlets of Lake Lugano. The Tresa River, which flows from Lake Lugano at Ponte Tresa, and the mountains form the national border with Italy. Most of the 26 small communities of Malcantone are situated on the hills between the river Tresa and the mountains. The forest, which is composed mostly of chestnut trees, stretches from village to picturesque village. The churches in these villages are well worth visiting. Little arable land remains, since farming is difficult in this region, and thus nature in the form of the forest has reclaimed large areas.

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Albergo San Michele, Arosio
There is a blue house with 12 single and double rooms near the center of the village of Arosio. The rooms have warm water, each floor has a shower and a WC. There is a wonderful terrace in front of the house and plenty of space around the building. Even fastidious palates will be happy: specialties of Ticino are served here. As well as choice Ticino wines as well as wines from Italy. In a nutshell: a place to feel comfortable, at a family-friendly price.
The cuisine of the house is based on regional and seasonal produce. The restaurant is often transformed into a concert hall on weekends, where the finest jazz is played.

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