The Chestnut Trail


Golf Lugano, Ticino

Golf Lugano, Ticino

Il Lago di Lugano da Vernate, Ticino (Svizzera)

Il Lago di Lugano da Vernate, Ticino (Svizzera)

The Sentiero del Castagno, the Chestnut Trail, begins in uppermost Malcantone, in Arosio. The symbol of the chestnut accompanies you to eight sign-posted locations, where you can obtain brochures containing detailed information about chestnuts and Malcantone, about the landscape as well as the region's chestnut culture. Once you are at the turning point, the historic Hammer Mill is not far. The brook at the mill is inviting for a swim. The circular route takes about 5 hours at a leisurely pace. During that time you are invited to look, smell and touch - it's all well worth the journey. Open all year round, except when there is snow on the ground.

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How to get there:
By car or public transportation from Lugano - Gravesano to Arosio


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