Themed hiking tours and educational trails in Klosters


Selfranga: Klosters - Sportzentrum Klosters

Selfranga: Klosters - Sportzentrum Klosters

Energy Trail on Madrisa. On this trail positive and negative energy can be experienced at eight different locations. The ultimate destination of the trail is an energy vortex on the Mässplatte (Mäss-Plateau).

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The Dwarf Trail is a delightful experience for children and adults alike. At the beginning of the trail, each child can take a dwarf's cap, which will be returned at the end of the trail. Ten stations tell stories about the life of dwarfs. There are two barbecue facilities on the route. The hiking tour takes about two hours.

The adventure trail was created for all hikers interested in exploring nature while hiking in the magnificent mountain world of the Alps. Visitors can gather interesting information about natural processes in the Alps and the utilization of various elements of the landscape.

The nature trail "Forests and Mountains" was opened in time for the U.N. Year of the Mountains. Starting point of this circular hiking tour is Monbiel. The hiker passes several markers with information on interesting themes on this two-hour tour.

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