"Murder Mystery" Evenings


Dinner, a show, suspense: the perfect evening to spend with family and friends. Several characters are leading you through the corridors of their life, when suddenly there is a murder, and it is up to you to lead the investigation....

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A restaurant, a good meal and plenty of guests looking for a different dinner experience: this is the ideal setting! There are several different scenarios on offer, each one set against the backdrop of a criminal investigation, involving funny and engaging characters. The actual "mystery" is held in place by a team of actors, a precise plot and a series of new developments. In short, it is a lively, amazing evening to experience with colleagues, friends and family!

The association "Reves en Stock" also organises "Medieval Evenings". In the space of an evening, you will be transported back to 1271 A.D. The King Louis IX has just died and you must, under the flag of one camp, find a new Leader for the 9th Crusade... The Great Chamberlain, Jacquelin de la Tour, will make sure you have a superb evening, enhanced by epic jousts and delicious moments! Let your tastebuds enjoy the taste of succulent mountain food, from mead as an aperitif to terrines flavoured with the most evocatively-named spices, saffron, coriander, honey, almonds...the list never ends!

These themed evenings are held at the Maison du Prieur, within the walls of the Romainmotier Abbey.

How to get there:
By train: take the Lausanne - Vallorbe line and alight at Croy.
By car: take the RN1, exit at La Sarraz and follow signs for Romainmotier. There are brown signs leading to the abbey.

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