“Wiikend” Maienfeld


Every weekend from April to November wine growers of the Maienfeld Wine Association take turns in serving guests in their wine cellars and introducing them to their products and work.

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“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” - Tasting the fruity-aromatic and elegant Pinot Noir or the delicate, citrussy Pinot Gris is important, but so is the discussion with the wine producer.

Visits to the cellars of 18 vintners in Maienfeld, the main town of the Bündner Herrschaft, are definitely worth your while. Each weekend you will have the opportunity to taste the vintners’ special wines and to sample local culinary delights such as Salsiz (air-dried sausage), Birnbrot (pear-bread made with dried fruit and nuts) and Alpkäse (Alpine cheese).

Additional Information on “Wiikend” and on Maienfeld’s vintners is found here.

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