Airboard® is the registered trademark for a winter sport equipment developed in Switzerland. Manufactured from high-quality plastic-coated material, it is a lightweight and very durable snow glider that is also called a bodyboard for snow.

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The biggest advantage in this sport is the short learning phase (30 minutes), which brings entirely new skiers to the slopes! “Airboarding” is very dynamic and thrills old and young alike. The equipment required, an Airboard, appropriate winter clothing, helmets, gloves, knee protection and sturdy shoes, can be rented at budget prices at the 27 official Swiss Airboard Stations (mountain railway stations), and in many sporting goods stores as well as at event venues. Adventure travel organizers also offer fantastic snowshow-airboard tours for groups. A super snow fun experience is guaranteed!


For an overview of the official airboard slopes and airboard races, visit:

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