Schneechutzli Children's Land

Eriz (Emmental)

Eriz: Muellersfarm

Eriz: Muellersfarm

Innereriz: Eriz

Innereriz: Eriz "

There is nothing more wonderful for children than gamboling in the snow, building a snowman or first attempts at sliding on skis or snowboards.

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For our young guests there is a cordoned winter playground with two children’s lifts (120 meters long), a snow carousel, wave course, gate, various runs, picnic tables and a bouncing castle. A magic carpet and a snow hill also await the little guests. Schneechutzli, a mythical creature from the winter wonderland at the foot of the Sieben Hengste (Mountain Massif), sometimes visits the children, much to their delight.


Exact location/ Region: Snow Park Eriz, Innereriz

Accessibility: PostBus / bus, motorcar, or on foot Infrastructure: magic carpet / conveyor belt, Pinocchio lift / beginners’ lift, snow carousel, parcours, bumps and dips course, snow hill.

Children’s ski race: Yes

Size: 1,500 meters

Minimum age: from age 2

Supervision by a skiing instructor for children: Yes

Mornings from 9.30 AM to 12 noon, Afternoons from 12 noon to 4:30 PM (No lunch)

Unsupervised use: Yes, charges apply

Trial lessons: No

Restaurant with a view of the Kinder Snowland: Chutzli-Bar

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