Carouge - Italian Royal City near Geneva


Carouge › Nord

Carouge › Nord

Italy lies right next to Geneva... Even though it hasn't been a royal Savoyard city for nearly 200 years, but belongs to Switzerland, the city of Carouge, which was designed by Italian architects, has retained its Latin charm to this day.

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Carouge is a city that is just a couple of minutes away from Geneva. Because of its strategically convenient location on the river Arve, it was even in the 1st century BC a popular place for bridges, customs facilities and fortifications.

Carouge was heavily fought over for centuries and was completely rebuilt in the 18th century by the Dukes of Savoy, who were at that time in possession of Carouge and intended to create a city to rival Geneva. A city with a Latin character came into being, with a chessboard design and with regularly arranged, square house blocks. Many of the neo-classical houses and the inner courtyard gardens are well preserved and have been converted to restaurants, fashion boutiques, workshops, ateliers and antique stores.

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