The Seleger Moor Park offers a fascinating diversity of flowers, shrubs and trees.

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The park has been famous for many years for its 200 varieties of rhododendrons and azaleas. Millions of rhododendrons and azaleas bloom throughout spring and summer. The park changes every year into an intoxicating festival of colors.

Later in the year, the water lilies bloom. The red, white, yellow and pinks dots on the dark water open at about 11 a.m. and close their blossoms at 6 p.m.

Thanks to a donation, over 400 peonies can be admired in the Seleger Moor Park. All types of peony blossoms, from simple to half-filled to completely filled ones, are at home in the park. Their hues range from dark red to lilac.

When the flowers are in bloom, Seleger Moor Park with its blossoms and scents becomes a natural spectacle. Frogs perform their croaking concert and birds chirp all over the park.

A sublime excursion destination for individual visitors, families, groups or clubs. On a walk through the park (wheelchair accessible) one can discover a lot of new and exciting things – this magical world is pleasure in its purest form.

In our park pub or at the food kiosk, visitors can replenish their energies and refresh themselves

Frog Day (June) Waterlily Day (July) Storytelling Afternoon (August) Fern Day (September) Bird Day (October)

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