Intragna, the principal village of the Centovalli, impresses visitors with its 80-meter high railway viaduct and Ticino’s highest church tower.

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Intragna is located on a rock promontory at the eastern end of the Centovalli Valley, at the confluence of the Isorno and Melezza rivers. It is extraordinary that the villages of Pila and Rasa, which are part of Intragna, can only be reached by cable car.

The small village of Intragna has a variety of interesting sights: An interesting collection in the regional Museum of Centovalli and Pedemonte gives insights into the history and traditions of the region. The collection is spread over three floors and 21 exhibition rooms. It documents the centuries-old tradition of the families of Intragna, who were employed by numerous Italian municipalities as fire masters, as well as the production of nut oil, bread, and the cloth shoes (Peduli) unique to this area, among other topics. The museum also houses temporary exhibitions on a variety of themes, as well as the works of local artists.

Intragna is well known for the tower of the San Gottardo Church, which at 65 meters is the highest church tower in Ticino. The church, which is dedicated to St. Bernard, was reconstructed in 1722 and has a baroque altar with an elegant balustrade. The church and tower are open to the public.

The 80-meter high railway viaduct is also a major attraction of the village. The famous Centovalli Railway crosses here the Isorno River. At the former mule track, Intragna-Remagliasco, you will find a beautiful stone bridge, Ponte Romano, also called Roman bridge. This bridge was built in 1578 and is the oldest bridge in the region. The Melezza River flows under the bridge.

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