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last updated: December 20, 2011

Resort information / access  
Altitude Town / Resort 1100 m
Inhabitants - total: 500
Country side  X 
By a lake  X 
In the mountains  X 
Accessible by public bus  X 
Accessible by private car  X 
Local bus with regular schedule (all year round)  X 
Distance to Intl. Airport  
max. 1 1/2 h  
Lodging all year round  
Hotels / Pensions - total number of establishments: 3
Hotels / Pensions - total number of beds: 100
Holiday apartments and chalets - total beds: 120
Group lodging - total beds: 80
Mountain hut / Alpine hut  X 
Other information all year round  
Hobby-courses summer and/or winter (course language): Zur Erholung im Sommer und im Winter
Congress center - capactiy of biggest hall - number of persons: 300
Mountain railways - info phone: 055/ 412 43 31
Resort area / Transport installations in summer  
Altitude of tourist region from 1000 m
Altitude of tourist region, up to 1500 m
Local transport installations in summer - total: 1
Highest point reached via transport installations in summer 1400 m
Cable-cars in summer - total: 1
Sports and Wellness in summer  
Hiking trails in summer 50 km marked
Walking trails, flat (wheelchair, pushchair) 5 km
Biking trails within Destination 30 km marked
Mountainbike slopes 50 km marked
Downhill bike slopes 0 km marked
Local summer ski slopes 0 km marked and prepared
Cross-country skiing slope in summer 0 km
Riding trails 0 km marked
Roller and Skating slopes 0 km marked
Other information for summer  
Natural sights: Besteigung des Grossen Mythen mit Super-Panorama auf 1900 m ü M
Cultural sights: Schulhaus Alpthal mit allen Kantonswappen und sinnvollen Sprüchen.
Nature / adventure trails on the theme: Liegt am bekannten Jakobsweg mit dem höchsten Passübergang auf Haggenegg (1410 müM)
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Live Cams  
Live Cam 1
Winter sports area / Transport installations in winter  
Name of winter sports area: Skigebiet Brunni-Haggenegg
Altitude of alpine ski area, from 1100 m
Altitude of alpine ski area, up to 1500 m
Price one day pass adult 29 CHF
Price one day pass children 22 CHF
Snow sports school (phone.) 055/ 412 86 17
Ski bus  X 
Local transport installations in winter - total: 2
Subregional transport installations - total: 13
Highest point reached via transport installations in winter 1500 m
Skilifts - total: 2
Babylift - Number: 1
Alpine Skiing  
Snow - info phone: 055 412 43 30
Name mesurepoint Station Brunni-Alpthal
Point of measure ski area bottom 1100 m
Point of measure ski area top 1500 m
Number of slopes: 3
Local ski slopes 8 km marked
Downhill slopes in local ski area with snow canons 1 km
Alpine ski area with skipass subregion 30 km
Level of difficulty of slopes 80 % beginners
Level of difficulty of slopes 20 % intermediates
Alpine ski area surface 320000 m2:
Slope with powder snow(Freeride) 1 km checked and marked
Cross-country skiing / winter hiking  
Winter hiking trails 20 km marked and prepared
Tobogganing installations - total: 1
Tobogganing installations - total length:m 600
Total difference in altitude of all installations 50 m
Tobogganing trails total 600 m marked
Families / children - in winter  
Children's snowpark, maintained  X 
Other information for winter  
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