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Energy City Initiated in 2001 by the SuisseEnergie (Swiss Energy) programme as a "platform for an intelligent energy policy", the "Cités de l'énergie" (Energy Cities) promote the use of renewable energy sources, supportable environmental mobility and sustainable resource management. St. Moritz is one of 355 Energy Cities in Switzerland.

Clean Energy Tour 13 sites spread over valley and mountain top give a good idea of all the renewable energy projects in the region. The circuit can be covered in a number of different ways, including hikes of between 1 and 5 hours. Solar and wind-powered installations, hydro-electric power plants, wood chip central heating, etc. Guided tour available on request.

Badrutt's Palace 5*sup - St.Moritz, ISO 9001 certified Since winter 2006/07 an innovative heat pump has used water from Lake St Moritz to cover 80% of the hotel's heating and hot water requirements. The hotel forms part of the Clean Energy Tour.

Hotel Saratz 4*sup, Pontresina, ISO 14001 certified The Saratz is the first hotel in Switzerland to use geothermal science for its energy requirements. A well in the garden 1500 m below ground allows it to use spring water at 43°. 90% of its hot water and heating requirements are thus covered. Its creed: Saratz Clean Energy

Hotel Europa 4* St-Moritz, ISO 14001 certified Conference hotel, ISO 14001 certified. It forms part of Switzerland's group of solar hotels and has photovoltaic panels over a surface area of 265 m2. It is included in the St Moritz Clean Energy Tour.

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