Pikeperch Filet in a Potato Crust

For four persons

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1 dl heavy cream, half-whipped
1 TBS of Vodka and if desired 1 dl white wine or Noilly Prat, 1 TBS chives. Mix. Season with salt and pepper, heat only slightly and fold in the half-whipped cream.


Cut the fish filets into even sizes. Grate and season the potatoes and mix with egg white.
Turn the fish filets in flour. Cover both sides with grated potatoes and press firmly onto the fish.
In a large pan heat a butter-oil mixture and fry the Pikeperch filets in their potato coat on both sides until pale golden brown. Place on a warm fireproof platter and bake for 15 minutes at 180 °C.

Source: Recipe by Charlotte Lehmann, www.schweizerfisch.ch


4 Pikeperch filets weighing approx. 150 g each
Salt and pepper from the pepper mill
4 large potatoes
1 egg white
4 TBS flour
Salt and pepper
4 TBS peanut oil
30 g butter

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