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Basel Stadt-Übersicht

Basel Stadt-Übersicht



The Rhine cruises operated by the Basler Personenschifffahrt company provide an opportunity to experience the pulsating metropolis of Basel and its environs from the water. There are two principal routes: the town and harbour cruises, and the lock cruises from Basel upstream along the Rhine to Rheinfelden.

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The town and harbour cruises last for around two hours. They pass by the attractive façades of the Basel old town, the Basel Minster, the old town walls by the St. Alban-Tal town quarter, the ‘Kleinbasler Rheinufer’ right up to the tripoint and the Basel Rhine harbour, the loading and unloading point for countless items of freight.

During the two and a half hour lock cruise from Basel to Rheinfelden along the Rhine’s banks on the Swiss and German side, two locks are negotiated in Augst and Birsfelden and several stations are operated, including one at Kaiseraugst, near the former Roman town of Augusta Raurica. Only a few minutes on foot from the Rhine is the largest, archaeological open-air museum in north-western Switzerland. Here, exceedingly well-preserved monuments such as an ancient theatre and Roman houses attest to the architectural expertise of Roman constructors.

Rheinfelden – the oldest Zähringen dynasty town in Switzerland – provides an opportunity to learn a little about history. A walk through the picturesque old town with its labyrinthine narrow alleys, the baroque town hall and the St. Martin town church provides an insight into the history of this small mediaeval town.

Last, but certainly not least, it is worthwhile stopping at the Museum Jean Tinguely. The permanent exhibition here displays a selection of machine sculptures, reliefs and drawings by the most prominent Swiss iron sculptors. The museum was designed by the renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta.

Occasionally, day cruises depart up the Rhine towards Germany and France. But special music and culinary cruises are also a regular event, e.g. river boat parties, fondue cruises with musical entertainment, and captain's dinners. Passenger cruises around Basel have enjoyed a long tradition. Apart from a few pauses, they have been a regular occurrence since 1832. Today the fleet comprises three smart cruisers of different sizes, which can also be hired for private events.


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