CUBE active rope park

Radons: Savoldellis Berghaus

Radons: Savoldellis Berghaus

Radons: Savognin, Savoldellis Berghaus

Radons: Savognin, Savoldellis Berghaus

Malmigiuer: Bergrestaurant Tigignas, Savognin

Malmigiuer: Bergrestaurant Tigignas, Savognin

Swing through the air branch to branch Tarzan style, fly through the trees and enjoy top sights over the superb Sursetter mountain world as well! The CUBE active rope park and Flying Fox - Switzerland’s longest – ensure a great mountain experience, with 13 stations distributed over a 500-meter length pledging most memorable adventure!

Group Activities


1/2 day

10 - 50



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Whether with family, friends, club, company or school there’s no lack of fun, adventure and adrenaline kicks here! Time spent for this great mountain experience, inclusive of instructing time, is roughly 2 to 3 hours. The rope park is located at 1600-meter altitude by the Tiginias Station; conveniently reached with the Savognin Bergbahnen mountain rail.


Opening times
End of June until mid October

Children under 14 years of age are permitted entrance solely if accompanied by an adult also intent on completing the parcours.

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