Up and down: The Fixed Rope Trail on Piz Trovat


Pontresina: Engadin St. Moritz - Hotel Saratz

Pontresina: Engadin St. Moritz - Hotel Saratz

Pontresina: Hotel Walther

Pontresina: Hotel Walther

This is a highly secured Via Ferrata in high-alpine terrain that is suitable for beginners. The view of the glacier world of the Bernina and the imposing mountain world of the Upper Engadine promise picture-perfect postcard views.

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K2. Ideal fixed rope trail for beginners. Although you will have little contact with the rocks, the view is all the more stunning. Less experienced climbers will find the descent via the steep scree slope somewhat precarious (it should be free of snow and ice).

Valley location/starting point
Mountain station of the Diovolezza cable car (2,973m).

Starting point
At the Diavolezza Mountain House, a blue marker points downward to the Via Ferrata. The trail marked white-blue-white leads over steep cliffs, rock boulders and scree, down to the stone-strewn cirque below Piz Trovat. Short ascent at the end.

Fixed-Rope Park
Piz Trovat: 500 steps, a ladder and a rope bridge over lofty heights constitute the adventure of hiking and climbing the Via Ferrata on Piz Trovat. Enter at the foot of the mountain, at 2,850 meters. From here, one walks along the Westpfeiler (West Pillar) steeply up to a height of 3,050 meters, where a ropeway spans the gorge. The climb leads via the southwest face to the 3,146-meter high peak offering a sensational panoramic view of the rutted Pers Glacier, the highest mountains in the eastern Alps and the ice pinnacles of the Bernina Massif.

The white-blue-white markings lead over the scree face of Piz Trovat downwards, and then into a gap and on the left to the Diavolezza.


Terrain: Engadine
Peak/Summit: Piz Trovat (about 3,146 meters above sea level)
Walking time: Ascent 20 minutes, Via Ferrata 1h45, descent 30 minutes
Difference in height: 300 meters (Via Ferrata 280 m).

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