Eggishorn via ferrata

Aletsch Arena - Fiesch Dorf

Aletsch Arena - Fiesch Dorf

Aletsch Arena - Fiesch Dorf II

Aletsch Arena - Fiesch Dorf II

Safe and secure all the way, you traverse some truly impressive rock formations as you make your way up a total 305-meter climb in around 2 hours to find yourself at the top of the Eggishorn - best vantage point on the grand Aletsch Glacier and end point of the via ferrata.

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The train takes you from Fiesch to the Eggishorn, after which, following the marked narrow footpath direction Fiescheralp, an approximately 30 minute walk brings you to the starting point of the via ferrata assisted climb that takes you to a height of 2,562 meters above sea level in around 2 hours. Please take note of the information board and proposed security measures.

Open from June to October.

K 2 –3 (medium). In part, you find yourself walking through some very steep and rocky terrain, but great care has been taken to ensure the safety of climbers. Steep passages are assisted with ladders or iron bars – and even in less difficult terrain, railing ropes and chains provide additional safety. Precautionary measures are also advisable for experts.

Valley location/ Starting point
With the train from Fiesch to the Eggishorn.



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