Jägihorn via ferrata - the sensation of the peaks, facing the giant mountains


Hohsaas, Saas-Grund

Hohsaas, Saas-Grund

Saas Grund - Kreuzboden

Saas Grund - Kreuzboden



A classic Alpine via ferrata, with five ladders, 400 pitons and nearly 1,000 metres of wire rope providing outstanding safety. The mountain backdrop of the Saastal is unique, and from the top you have a sensational view across the Rhône valley towards the Bernese Alps. A route of pure pleasure!

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K3-4. A fairly demanding route, very steep - especially the climb up to the lower peak, with the end section being spectacular but somewhat easier. For the descent (which has no additional safety), you need to be absolutely sure of your footing in the in-filled channel.

From Saas Grund (1559 m), take the Hohsaas gondola cable-car to the Kreuzboden mid-station (2,397 m). The cable-car operates from mid-June to mid-October, 8.00-16.45, and from the start of July to mid-September from 7.30.

From the Kreuzboden station (2,397 m), climb to the attractively-situated  Weissmieshütten lodges (2,726 m); here you will find a sign for the via ferrata. It directs you on a clear path over the Triftbach stream, then steeply upwards towards the mountain on the crest of a moraine and over an extended flat traverse to the start (approx. 2,820 m).

Jegihorn via ferrata
Using the wire rope, go left around some projecting rock and easily over steps to the point where you join an impressive channel. Make along this, climbing increasingly steeply; where there are no good hand-holds, pitons have been put in place. Take care not to dislodge stones! You then have a stimulating climb over rough rock, still ascending steeply and in places also airily towards the mountain, before reaching the first ladder. Further on up the wall, there are more iron ladders; the sections in between call for some strenuous efforts. A slope with broken rock leads to the final sequence of rungs, just below the lower peak (3,150 m). A ledge takes you to the left, and then you have practically continuous safety (a ladder) as you head, sometimes through airy sections, down the west ridge into the gap (3,096 m) in front of the Jegihorn. Head to the left of the ridge spur (very unique section; use arms and legs to brace yourself!) to the point at which the actual ridge to the peak begins. The route is initially easy, through blocks of rock, becomingly increasingly steep and more airy higher up. A particularly unique feature is a steep passage where the iron pegs are installed directly above the edge. The final section is flatter, onto the broad peak.

On the western side, following the clear white-blue markers, head downwards to a steep in-filled channel. Take care with the descent here, and then zig-zag over a steep scree slope down into the valley. Here you can either cross to the Weissmieshütten lodges, or head directly down the valley to the Kreuzboden cable-car station.

Eugen E. Hüsler/Daniel Anker: Wandern vertikal. Die Klettersteige der Schweiz, AT Verlag, Baden 2004


Region: Wallis Alps, Saastal
Peak: Jegihorn (3,206 m)
Time required: walk-in 1 1/2hours, via ferrata 3 hours, descent 1 1/2 hours; total 6 hours.
Variation in height: 950 m

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