The translationof Calanca is downward sloping or steep. These terms characterize life in the southern tip of Graubünden. This region is dealing with the problem of emigration of the younger part of the population. Jobs are scarce - granite and gneiss stone quarries are among the few employment sources. Tourists enjoy the aura of seclusion. The tour starts at Arvigo, the main town, and leads through picturesque villages such as Cauco and Braggio-Stabbio, where there is a particularly good view of the valley .

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Technical information

Begin and end of tour: Arvigo
Technical requirements: medium difficulty
Physical fitness: medium difficulty
Distance: 15.7 km
Total altitude meters: 695 m
Biking time: 01:15 - 02:15 (hours, minutes)
Elevation start and end of tour: 820 m
Season: April - October
Gastronomy: Stabbio
Overnight: Bellinzona
Access starting point: By bus from Bellinzona to Grono, Bivio, Calanca. From there continue onwards with the bus to Arvigo.
Access point of arrival: Arvigo
Literature: Bike-Explorer

Tour Overview

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Arvigo - Selma- Bodio - Cauco - Stabbio - Arvigo

From Arvigo, bike along the river, going up the valley. The long ascent begins after you pass the picturesque little village of Cauco. The road to Stabbio is closed to vehicular traffic, which enhances your biking experience. A small chair-lift connects the valley to the village of Braggio-Stabbio, which lies on a terrace and has gorgeous views of the valley, Val Calanca. The narrow and technically challenging descent to the starting point, Arvigo, begins below the railway station.


The careful planning of a tour will ensure that you also derive the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it. Please take the time to contact the local information centre and enquire about route and weather conditions before setting off. Your intended trail may be fully or partially closed, depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

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