Fleurier - Val-de-Travers

Cyclists with horses in the Freiberge region of the Jura

Cyclists with horses in the Freiberge region of the Jura

The green fairy of the Val de Travers is up to no good again behind the first mountain chain of the Jura right next to the French border. Mystical woods along both sides of the valley create an atmospheric setting for the charming legends and fairy tales told by the locals in these parts. You can capture some of the magic every time you step on the pedals along the shadowy single trails of this bike tour. After all, it's as if the fairy - a good one, they say around here - might emerge from behind a tree at any moment and start waving her wand. And if you don't believe us, get on your bike and find out for yourselfthat looks as if had come straight out of a picture book.

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Technical information

Begin and end of tour: Fleurier Train Station
Technical requirements: easy
Physical fitness: medium difficulty
Distance: 24 km
Total altitude meters: 300 m
Biking time: 01:45 - 02:30 (hours, minutes)
Elevation start and end of tour: 741 m
Season: March - November
Gastronomy: Fleurier, Travers, Couvet, Môtiers
Overnight: Fleurier, Couvet
Various: Asphalt mines in Travers

Tour Overview

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Fleurier - Vex Château - Travers - Asphaltminen - Couvet - Fleurier

From Fleurier railway station ride alongside the tracks up into the valley. Turn left at the junction and follow the red biking sign. Once you�ve left the village behind you, turn left again at the edge of the wood and head towards the �vieux château� near Môtiers. At the château you need to make a sharp right turn down a narrow path and then get onto the wider forest trail. The uphill route takes you to a forest clearing before you come to a further very steep and quite challenging ascent. This is followed by a marvellous single trail featuring several spectacular vantage points. A fairly long downhill (partly along a road, the rest across trails and paths) takes you to Travers. Turn left just before you hit the locality, then keep to the river as you cycle up the valley. Continue past the asphalt mines and head towards Couvet, always keeping alongside the River Areuse. The tour (No. 761) is well signposted.

Pictures: Stefan Scherrer

The careful planning of a tour will ensure that you also derive the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it. Please take the time to contact the local information centre and enquire about route and weather conditions before setting off. Your intended trail may be fully or partially closed, depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

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