180-meter-long Flying-Fox in the Jura Adventure Park


The crowning glory in the Jura Adventure Park in Rebeuvelier by Delsberg has grown in terms of length and amazement with a 180-meter-long flying fox as thrilling finale to the two-and-a-half to three-hour climbing parcours!

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The entire adventure area extends over more than 4 hectares, with 5 parcours of differing difficulty levels pledging thrilling enjoyment for big and small, the sportive as well as the less sportive who prefer to be carried away! The new highlight presents two parallel-running flying foxes, on which kids and their parents can literally run the 180–meters in seconds together. All adventurers are provided gloves, safety belt, double climbing rope and pulley, all of which are rigorously checked for safety before all kinds of exciting adventures begin. And only following exact safety explanations are you free to set off and make the most of the park and swinging if not cool thrills!

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