The Grangettes Nature Reserve


The Rhône Delta on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva is an internationally significant resting place for migrating songbirds and an important habitat for water and wading birds. So far over 250 species have been observed here.

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At the foot of the Arvel and Grammont mountains, at the same height as the towns of Villeneuve and Noville, the natural reserve is the last area of protected ground on the banks of Lake Geneva. Its wild beauty has made it an attraction, a paradise even, for all nature-lovers. Tucked behind the bushes or the rose shrubs is a rich aquatic universe where visitors (if they are patient) can see herons, kingfishers, beavers or several migratory birds taking refuge in this biotope, the only one of its kind in Europe.

Visitors can discover the Les Grangettes Nature Reserve aboard a solar boat. Accompanied by the regionally renowned ornithologist and photographer Jean-Marc Fivat one can learn a lot about the local fauna and flora.

How to get there:
By car: take the motorway, exit at Villeneuve and follow the edge of the lake and cross the bridge at Eau-Froide.


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